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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Planning for Zara's 4th Birthday Party

Zara's birthday is coming up very2x soon. Since it's puasa time, so we are going to have a low-key one first, at home with the family. A simple buka puasa do with the families.

But what's a party without balloons, right? So, am penning them all down here. The Must Haves for a Successful Birthday Party*:

1. Cake
Am making 25 Disney princess theme cupcakes. Kebetulan dah ada edible images ready at home. Plan to surprise her so most probably I will only start bake very late at night before the birthday itself.

2. Theme
Will be Disney princess themed. Not that we're going to force everybody to wear gown dress anyway. Maybe just us girls. Or limit all into the theme colors.

3. Games
Will skip this. Buat kat rumah jek pun. Kata a low-key one. Sapa pun nak bergame bagai, right?

4. Decorations
Will get about 10+ balloons to decorate the house. Most probably something in pastel blue, pink and yellow hues. To suit the theme.

5. Favors
I already have something in mind now. Just not sure whether I have the time to scout for them. Will see how next week. If the plan went well, will have to get Zara to wrap them all. She'll be thrilled to have something to give out to her guests nanti.

6. Presents
We haven't really decided on this. As she already has a room full with toys. We've been wanting to get her the Ikea play kitchen but her room can't really accomodate anymore toys. That's how much toys we have now.

7. Thank you Note
Will get Zara to say thank you to all masa bagi party favors kot.

There. Think we are all set for a party now. Tinggal nak execute the plan jek. Hope time will be on our side this time around.


*Note: Adapted from this article.


  1. Rajinnye la maknye... Nanti ziya punya theme apa laks

  2. Cuba2x la jadi rajin. Hopefully, sampai bebila pun akan rajin. Amiin...

    Bday Ziya lambat lagi. Pk kedian kot tu. Hehe..

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