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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Copy Cats

I personally would never thought people would copycat us. One, because we are a small-time business, who aspires to be big. Second, because we are so new that people hardly know us yet. Hence, the vigorous marketing plan that we planned for this year.

So, when I was browsing the FB statuses of my so-called 'friends' online, I was surprised to find this one person who copy pasted the write-up that I did for our sand art activities. Refer here for our own write-up. And compare with this one from her FB:

Anyway, if you guys noticed, the write up I wrote was dated in November 2010. Whereas, hers was dated in December 2010. Mind you, she wasn't a newbie in this entrepreneurship. She has been doing all sorts of businesses and have recently do them all full time. Imagine my disappointment when a businesswoman who has all the time and energy to spend on her businesses copied the write-up that I did using my own efforts and time.

As you all may know by now, am doing this business with my siblings on part time basis. All of us have full time jobs. So, for somebody to just simply copy pasted our work is just low and heart breaking. I mean, what kind of attitude is that?

So, here I am today. Writing about this, finally. As I know, there are many more small-time businesses which have been victimized like ours. And if you support us, do email me at thepartystuff@gmail.com. As am planning to come-up with a list of all these copy-caters and disseminate them to the group, so we can support each other's genuine business rather than imitations.

Your support is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Sand Art for Kiesha and Haikal's 2nd Birthday Party

Hey all,

We are thrilled to share our latest party do, for Liana of Seri Kembangan. Which was held sometime in mid-December.

It was a combined birthday party for Liana's daughter and nephew who are both 2 years old. They had a Princess and Mickey themed party and had those characters everywhere to suit the party theme. Even the khemah was decorated in purple and red theme color.

Liana had engaged us for the sand art activities. She ordered 60 cards which were enough for 30 kids. But when the time comes, bukan kids jek yang main sand art. Bapak-bapak and mak-mak pun main sama.

After almost 4 hours of constant standing and bending, we surely had so much fun entertaining the kids at the party. Despite the backache that we had. What with the pregnancy and all. And of course, the birthday girl and boy had special attention amongst them all. Kiesha obviously didn't want to miss the fun and Haikal, just love the sand so much!

But the highlight of them all, was when I had time to chit chat with some of the kids after the party. Asking them what their favorite activities at the party are. They confidently told me, "The sand art!!". And mind you, there were also inflatables, clown and face painting at the party!! Huhu...

And of you are like them and love this as much as we do, and want to have it for your own parties, do email us at thepartystuff@gmail.com yeah!