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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Maya's 2nd Birthday Party

We had our very FIRST assignment from my colleague, Muni who was holding a birthday party for her daughter, Maya Arissa.

Maya is a HUGE fan of Barney. So it was only appropriate to do a Barney themed party for her 2nd birthday. So, expect to see A LOT of purple and green in this post alone! Even The Party Staff were ALL dressed in purple.

Muni has entrusted us for the birthday banner, balloon sculpting and sand art activities for the party. Here are some details/pictures from the party.

The birthday banner which was particularly inspired by this Martha Stewart's Pink & Orange Birthday Garland.

Here's another picture of the customised birthday banner in action.

Muni also called for balloon sculpting service which is done by no-other than the talented sister of mine, Aya. This is our beloved daughter holding one of the creation.
And lastly, is THE highlight of the whole event. Dari yang paling kecik sampai la ke paling tua, all enjoyed this one activity. Thanks to Muni who decided to have this free flow sand art booth at the party.

That's my brother in purple shirt, mending the booth for the day. It was such a hit! We were the last one to leave the party as everyone wanted a hand in it.

Thanks to Muni for the FIRST job!


  1. Glad that u guys had fun being part of it:) Maya's birthday party could not be even better without ur helping hands! Thanks again n looking forward for nex yr if ada party lagi. nex time habaq awai2 na..:p

  2. Tq tq, we were very honored. Maklum la 1st time. Nervous jek. Next yr harus wat party lagik. Ajak cinderella plak kot. Hehe...